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About Us

Life is filled with simple joys such as discovering the perfect cord organizer to keep your wires tidy or finding the task light that can double as a bedside lamp. Qrius was created to bring these simple joys straight to your doorstep.

We are focused on providing our customers not only with new and innovative products, but more importantly those with added functionality. Our products range from Home, Bath, Kitchen, Digital Accessories to Food items. Where else can you find a clothes hanger that bends to make sure your clothes won’t stretch or a spoon that conveniently hangs on the lip of your mug? Each of our products has been [Qrated] (curated by Qrius) to provide you with a comfortable and simple lifestyle – an added benefit that only the Qrius ones can have.

We at Qrius are very particular in finding the right products. We are in constant search of these items that just have the added “oomph” that set them apart from the rest. What’s a better gift than the gift of ease?

Our History

Our quest began by chance. We were looking for the perfect casing for the iPad 1. During our search, we came across the wonderful product from Quirky called Cloak, the first 3-position stand in the market. When the iPad 1 first came out, you would have only found products with either a typing, a landscape or a portrait stand. It might have been possible to find a case with two of these functions but not one with all three. This product sparked an interest in us to look for things that offer functions usually taken for granted or just plain forgotten.

We used to call ourselves “Curious Cases,” a brand we penned precisely since we began selling just that-  a case. Since then our product line has grown in number and diversity. Now, we have four brands from the USA and Japan, all of which we are proud of – Quirky, BlueLounge, Basupo and Kichito.

We are focused on giving the Filipino consumers simple joys to make life easier.